Do you know who you’re voting for?  No, I’m not asking if you’re backing Obama or supporting McCain… I’m talking about a different kind of democratic exercise… a DEWmocracy if you will.  This interactive campaign calling America to vote for the next Mountain Dew beverage is the brainchild of advertising giant Pepsi Co, Inc.  I’ve always loved Pepsi’s big-name, creative campaigns, especially last year’s Superbowl feature of P.Diddy accidentally making the Pepsi truck the new hot ride.  But now Pepsi’s taken their marketing campaigns to the next level by making one of the most interactive campaigns I’ve ever seen.  The Dewmocracy site was launched about a year ago and users were able to share their input on the next beverage’s color, flavor, and name by playing games and blogging.  After a few months, the choices were narrowed down by users’ votes to the top three candidates: Voltage, a raspberry citrus sensation; strawberry-melon flavored Supernova; and wild-berry wildcard Revolution.  All three beverages can now be found in grocery stores across the country.  Users can log onto the site and vote for their choice; truly dedicated supporters can even use various “campaigning tools” to win votes for their favorite.  This marketing campaign is making great use of the internet as a fast track to reaching the 16-24 demographic who will soon become the major consumers in society.  Calling Gen Y to interact with campaigns rather than merely shoving ads in their faces helps establish brand loyalty.  We want to have a say in not only who’s running our country, but what beverages are being produced.  Props to Pepsi for giving us a say.  They get my vote.

here’s the commercial i made on their site:
(voltage is my favorite)

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