advenue: Coke’s Big Rewards

I was pleasantly surprised to see Coke’s new non-product advertising campaigns, recycling and heart health spots during the Oscars last night.  These ads display why Coke is number one: it doesn’t have to resort to comparitive ads, like second place Pepsi often does.  Instead, it pulls at our heart strings and taste buds by going above and beyond the product.

The first ad shows Coca-Cola-loving consumers recycling their bottles and cans, claiming Coke is doing its part to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  The slogan is great, encouraging us to “give it back”, implying that we were already smart enough to purchase Coke in the first place.
The second spot featured Heidi Klum and a slew of beautiful women in red dresses, promoting heart health.  This was the culminating ad in the My Coke Rewards promotion: over the past few weeks, the cola giant has teamed up with The Heart Truth to produce magazine, print, tv, and internet ads to help raise awareness about women’s heart disease.  Women were encouraged to visit the Diet Coke website to educate themselves and consumers could donate their My Coke Rewards points to help support heart health programs.  One lucky donor received the red dress Heidi Klum wore in the ads.
Sometimes over-commercialized corporate philanthropy annoys me, but I really enjoyed these two spots.  I feel like Coke is doing a great job of maintaining its social responsibility as a big name brand.

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