advenue: Old Navy’s New… Spokesmannequins?

Dear Old Navy:

I realize your sales are slumping, despite your low prices and fashions for the whole family.  But is this really the way to solve it?  By using freaky, nightmarish “Supermodelquins” in your in-store promotions and commercials?  This pretty much made me want to never shop at Old Navy again, just so I can avoid your new spokes… people.
This campaign is driving me insane.  Not only are there commercials more freaky than funny, it seems as though ON is taking it wayyyy too far.  Here they have a “webisode” mock-E True Hollywood story that tells the bios of all the “supermodelquins”.  It’s so corny and over-done, it just makes viewers want to mock the brand instead of buy it.
I’m usually not so critical of Old Navy’s ads, they tend to use fun music and focus more on the clothing and prices than characters to draw in the consumers.  This seems like a major fail in the making.

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