travel wish list

today my mom asked me what i wanted for my birthday.  a bunch of things popped into my head: friends series boxed set, ikea gift card, blender, a wine stopper… the list goes on.  but the thing i want most is to travel.  it’s been almost 3 years since i explored europe with my best friend: 3 weeks basking in the mediterranean sun as we hopped across italy, greece, and turkey.  i’ve always had a passion for travel, maybe it was those business trips my dad took my family on when i was little.  no other kid i knew had been to mexico, canada, and 5 caribbean islands by the time she was 8.  it’s been a long time since i’ve gotten to experience the thrill of a new place which is probably one of the reasons i decided to leave behind my beloved manhattan and live and work in atlanta this summer.  and even though my bank account won’t allow it, i can still watch samantha brown on the travel channel on sunday mornings and daydream about traveling to those tropical paradises and rich european cities.  so here’s my travel wish list, the top 10 places i’d like to visit (in no particular order because that’s like having to pick a favorite child.  and this is not sophie’s choice.)

1.  Indonesia – ever since reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love, I’ve been craving a trip to the beautiful island of Bali.

2. Barcelona – home of my very distant ancestors and one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe

3. Australia – the Olsen twins filmed a movie down in Australia and I fell in love. My best friend Jen is studying abroad there this semester and every blog post she’s written makes me even more excited to go one day.

4. Paris – city of lights. Five years of not paying attention in French class will serve me well here.

5. Brazil – beautiful beaches, rich culture, and exciting nightlife.

6. India – I’ve always been intrigued by Indian culture: the food, clothes, music – everything about it is beautiful.

7. London – English accents are my greatest weakness.  That and ferris wheels.

8. Africa – one word: giraffes.

9. Thailand – beautiful country and amazing people.

10. Poland/Germany – I’m a total WWII buff and would love to do a tour of battlefields and different landmarks.


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