advenue: did you notice the $73,000 guerilla in the bar?

it’s very hard for a tv commercial or a print ad to inspire me.  i’ve always rooted for campaigns that jump out at you, connect with their audiences in unexpected ways, and foster two-way interaction.  i’m more of an OOH/social/mobile/interactive/guerilla marketing kind of girl: i love the idea of adding something unexpected to a consumer’s routine in order to spark communication.  so when i saw this video about a campaign by ogilvy brazil, i was absolutely smitten.  in a country plagued by drunk driving accidents, ogilvy sought to make brazilians realize the true cost of driving while intoxicated by adding it to their bar tabs.  this campaign cost nothing: the costs such as ‘ambulance cost’ and ‘ICU stay’ were simply added to the bars’ itemized receipts.  watch the video and i promise you’ll be just as inspired by the creative genius behind this clutter-busting campaign.


2 thoughts on “advenue: did you notice the $73,000 guerilla in the bar?

  1. I’d love to see the Jersey Shore cast get a bar tab for $73k. That would make for some entertaining television. I definitely agree though, I don’t think younger Americans are greatly effected by scare tactics anymore.

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