Check me in to Froyo Rehab

I’ve long been a lover of all things frozen and sweet, but my obsession with frozen yogurt is a recent development.  I spent last summer in Manhattan with a Pinkberry in every neighborhood and now I’m hooked.  Of course, finding awesome frozen yogurt in suburban New Jersey is no simple task.  I’ve tried the supermarket stuff, but it really doesn’t compare to that soft-serve goodness.

Last week, I was visiting my brother at college in Pittsburgh and he introduced me to the BEST froyo I have ever tasted.  Razzy Fresh has two locations (Squirrel Hill and Oakland) and it is a self-serve superstar.  They offer at least 12 different flavors, ranging from Passion Fruit to Cheesecake and every one is delicious.  The toppings bar is unparalleled and features a great variety of fresh fruit, cookie/cake/chocolate pieces, typical ice cream toppings like sprinkles, candy, and every cereal you can imagine.  This place is actually magical.

I made my brother take me twice and each time I loaded up my cup with as many flavors as possible.  My favorite is definitely Raspberry – it’s not too sweet, not too tart and tastes perfect with blackberries, bananas, and fruity pebbles.

If you find yourself in the Steel City, definitely plan a visit.

Squirrel Hill: 1717 Murray Ave.                                                                                        Oakland: 3533 Forbes Ave.


3 thoughts on “Check me in to Froyo Rehab

      • That’s so weird! I always put mochi on my froyo no matter how much it may clash with the froyo flavor. I live in LA so there is a lot (too much) froyo near where I live.

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