Word Searches Are My Worst Enemy

Tonight during game night, which has sort of become a weekly thing, we tried out a game called Sequence.  For those of you who have actual lives and therefore haven’t heard of this game, it’s kind of like playing Bingo with cards.

Now I like to consider myself a pro at most games.  I’m the returning Mad Gab champ, have loaded up two carfuls of kids in Life, and have beat the computer many a time at Minesweep,.  Unfortunately, Sequence was not my forte.  I believe this was because it was like a giant word search: each turn I would struggle in vain to find the tiny spot that matched my card on a huge black and red board.

I have never been a fan of word searches.  Teachers used to assign them to help us learn vocab words and while my fellow classmates loved playing these games, I would shake in fear whenever one was passed out to the class.  I remember sitting teary-eyed at my kitchen table, my seven year old eyes struggling to find “planet” among a jumble of letters.

I tried every trick in the book to solve those exasperating puzzles.  I would slowly trail my finger down every line and row, searching for the words I so desired.  It’s not that I wasn’t smart: I aced every spelling test there was!  Word searches were my greatest foe.

To this day, I have no interest in word searches or their counterparts.  I stay away from the newspaper crossword and I avoid Suduko at all costs.  Someday I hope to live in a world free from the bonds of word searches.  There would be no wars, there would be no hunger.  Everyone could take the time they used solving these horrible puzzles to actually help the world.  Until that day, I will continue to dream.

The root of all evil.


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