I’m too OCD to own nail clippers

My brain is this neurotic cocktail of OCD and ADHD and sometimes it makes writing a complete sentence such as this extremely difficult.  But right now, what’s even more difficult is the fact that I can not for the life of me find my nail clippers because I hid them from myself.

I love picking things. Ever since I was little.  I still love picking at scabs on other people’s bodies or at the crusties in my dogs eyelashes.  I have this huge issue where I peel all the skin off my feet – once I get a little bit off I go crazy and have to get it all off so it’s even or at least create some sort of mosaic design.

Now you’re probably really grossed out and leaving immediately and I don’t blame you.

My tool of choice is a nail clipper but lately I’ve been really crazy so I hid it from myself.

Except now I have an ACTUAL NAIL CLIPPER emergency and it’s no where to be found.

Does anyone know if you can use garden shears to clip a hang-nail?


No, no you can’t.


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