I’m that girl you hate

You know that girl in the front of class with her hand raised, who always knows the answer?  The one who shows up early to every meeting?  The girl who takes on every task given to her, who gives 110% to everything she does?

Yup, that’s me.

And it should be you too.

The entitlement of our generation floors me.  It seems like everyone I meet expects their parents to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for college and then be handed a job on a silver platter just for sleeping through classes for four years.  Where is the engagement?  Where’s the hard work?  What are you learning from just scraping by?

I don’t care what anyone says: there are plenty of jobs out there for new grads.  What our nation is lacking is qualified grads to fill those jobs. In my sales class today, a girl actually complained that my professor would not accept her paper a week late.  She had no legitimate excuse and just expected to be catered to.  If this was an actual sales report at a real company, she’d be gone in a second.

It’s not easy.  Half of my classes make me want to peel of my eyelids.  But I still give it my all because that’s going to help me stand out in my career.  I want to be the girl winning awards, getting promotions, and reviving brands.  So go ahead and hate me, but it’s not gonna make me give any less than my best.


One thought on “I’m that girl you hate

  1. Love this. The only thing I don’t do is answer questions in class. I get embarrassed about speaking in public (even in class!) and when I get embarrassed I pass out. Literally, eyes rolling back in my head, down on the floor pass out. So that’s a no go. I just hate people who act like they don’t have to do any work to get ahead!

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