WebMD should be illegal

I have very mild OCD.  Not the kind where I need to lock the door 87 times or my family will die.  More of the kind that comes along with a Type A personality.  I like everything on my desk to be parallel or perpendicular, the tv volume has to be on an even number, a new day of notes has to start on a new page, and I need an even number of ice cubes in my glass.  Yes, I know I sound like a crazy person.

My obsessive-compulsive tendencies manifest themselves in some mild hyponchondria.  Not so bad that I live in a plastic bubble and bath in Germ-X every morning, but I get nervous when people around me are sick or if my dance injuries start to flare up.

The worst possible thing I can do in these instances is head over to Web MD symptom checker.  And yet I do it every time.  That pain in my lower back is probably just a mild back spasm from when I landed wrong out of a leap in high school and had to deal with a lumbar sprain, but I am now convinced I have Cauda Equina Syndrome or an Aortic Aneurysm.

It takes just one click to bring about disastrous results.  Deciding that my cold is “severe” instead of “moderate” puts me at risk for Nasal Polyps.

At IC, I lived with all athletic training majors, so I served as a practice dummy for ankle taping and massage techniques.  They’d try out a wrap for an Achilles’ tendon rupture and I would instantly be convinced that mine had just actually ruptured.

It’s easy to look at this now and realize how insane I sound, but in the heat of the moment, I am always in the middle of a near-death experience.


I am Christine and I am a Web MD addict.



2 thoughts on “WebMD should be illegal

    • I’m not sure the world could handle us living in the same place haha. I feel like there would be an unimaginable amount of food, cats, and Demi Lovato singalongs.

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