Let’s hear it for the boy

This is a short PSA for all you gentlemen out there.

If you’re out at a bar/club/playground and see a cutie you wanna chat up, go right ahead.  Buy her a drink (juice box if she’s underage!) and make her laugh.  However, unless she is sending you crazy sexy signals (aka she is naked or groping you), please do not utter the phrase

“I wish you would come home with me.”

Girls are not genies. We do not grant wishes.

What is it with guys and this line? Are we supposed to take pity on you because you’re not getting laid by us tonight? Is this supposed to tempt us into creating some magic?

It doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

You will be much better off with a that’s what she said joke.  Guaranteed to work 97% of the time.


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