Pioneer girl problems

Day 3 of Snowtober and I credit my survival to Laura Ingalls Wilder and 6 years of Girl Scout camp. The lack of electricity isn’t so bad; I’ve gotten a lot of reading down and am enjoying the chance to disconnect. However, the absence of heat and hot water is definitely a game changer. I went from sleeping upstairs Saturday night to sleeping in a make-shift fort by my fireplace last night since the house is hovering around 42 degrees.

We were gonna call it quits and find a hotel for tonight, but every single one is booked and we’d have to travel over an hour to PA. We had to go out and get more firewood (even though I wanted to play lumberjack and chop it down myself) and are attempting to stay warm with lots of tea and blankets.

The worst part so far was attempting to shower. I had taken a quick shower Saturday morning after my night out, but as my long-haired friends can attest, you gotta shampoo every day. My hair is super-long at the moment since I’m gonna donate it soon and/or become Rapunzel. I twisted my hair into a bun, but I still felt gross.

I finally decided to brave the frigid waters today. Our upstairs is probably under 40 degrees at this point and I could not come up with a way to shower with all my clothes on. I got in and the water wasn’t terrible, but I was not a happy camper. I reached for the shampoo and the bottle was freezing and hard as a rock. I tried to squeeze some out to no avail. My shampoo was frozen.

I hopped out of the shower, bottle in hand, and raced downstairs. I lit the burner with a match and put on a pot of water to boil to try to thaw the shampoo. I stood there shivering violently, soaking wet in a towel watching as the tiny bubbles slowly started. I was able to half-thaw the bottle and raced back upstairs to wash my hair.

When I got out I immediately bundled up for the night. My current ensemble consists of leggings under 2 pairs of sweatpants, an under armour turtle neck under a sweatshirt under a hoodie, a headband over my ears and hood securely tied, 3 pairs of socks and moccasins. Clearly I’m a sex symbol.

My whole county cancelled trick-or-treating tonight, which is a good thing considering all our candy is frozen solid. I nearly chipped a tooth trying to bite a 100 Grand bar today.

As I settle in for a night of board games and books surrounded by flickering candlelight (which makes it look like I’m having a seance) I am very thankful that my family and friends are all safe. Hopefully the trees and power lines will be cleared up soon, and if not, I obviously would be a very successful pioneer.


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