It’s getting hot in here

After 5 nights of no power, one of them spent in the shadiest hotel in NJ, the heat is finally back!  This has definitely been a trying experience and I am glad I do not have to become a permanent caveman.  I have a new appreciation for things like hot water, lighting a stove without a match, and ice cube makers.

Part of me really did appreciate the chance to disconnect.  And yes, I was still tweeting up a storm and texting/calling friends the whole time.  But I didn’t suck away time messing around online or watching tv.  I finished 5 books, 2 of them on my list of 100 classics to read before I turn 30.  I played some awesome board games and enjoyed getting to cuddle up in front of the fire every night.

I will definitely not miss needing a flashlight to find the bathroom or wearing 6 layers of clothing, but maybe I’ll start disconnecting completely once a month or so.

PS Sorry I know this post is super lame and it’s only Day #3 of NaBloPoMo. I literally wrote like 23 drafts and I feel all of them require more energy than I have in me right now.  But at least I’m posting! 


One thought on “It’s getting hot in here

  1. nothing wrong with this post, you always write so well and this one is no exception. Sounds like it’s been quite an experience and that’s what lif is made of 🙂

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