Not your average bear

I’m not like other girls.  And I know everyone says that.  But I find it hard to believe that anyone else is anywhere near as weird as I am.

Sophomore year of high school, while all my friends were planning elaborate sweet sixteens complete with dress changes and shirley temple cocktail hours, I felt completely out of place.  Sure, I like to dress up and dance, but I didn’t understand why every one of my peers was having the same exact party.  I knew I wanted to stand out and do something different.

That’s how I ended up at a Chuck E. Cheese on my sixteenth birthday.

My love of skeeball and the fact that I have really never matured from my 8-year-old self convinced me that Chuckie would provide me a birthday bash to remember.  And that it was. We played games, won tickets, and I even got to dance with Chuckie, who was probably either a creepy old man or an overly-excited teenage boy considering where he put his hands.

My friends ended up giving me all of their tickets since I was the birthday girl and I got the best prizes: a princess dress-up set sized for a 3 year old, a Chuck E. Cheese t-shirt, and sparkly bracelets for everyone.

So here I am, six years later, and I would still prefer to spend an evening at a kid’s party place than at a noisy, crowded club.  And that probably makes me sound like a pedophile, but I promise I’m not. I just want to steal babies and dress them up like giraffes.


PS – Somewhere I have a picture of me with Chuck, but since I keep my photos scattered in shoeboxes instead of in organized albums, I’ve yet to find it.  And I need to post this before the bama game because I’ll be super distracted for the next 4 hours.  But if I find it I promise I’ll update!


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