Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?

I think I might be a hoarder.

It’s not that I have trouble getting rid of stuff – I regularly donate things or sell them in a little consignment shop a few towns over.  But I have some weird penchant for collecting crazy things that I have no immediate use for.

Today I took my monthly trip to the consignment shop to drop off winter clothes and Christmas decorations to be sold and get my money from the items that sold in the past month.  I got almost $100 which is a pretty good deal and anything that doesn’t sell in a month or two is donated.  I wandered around the shop while they went through my latest items and of course wanted to buy everything.  There’s so much fun, cooky stuff in consignment shops.  I found a gorgeous orange antique teapot that I would have snatched up right away if it hadn’t been so expensive.

I was able to resist most of the awesome things I saw, but then I came across the most amazing find ever.

Ceramic chickens.

And the best part? They perfectly match the black/red/navy theme I have for my future kitchen.  I nervously approached and checked the price. $5 per chicken.  I was smitten.

I picked my favorite out of the the four on display.  There were two pairs that matched each other, but I decided one chicken was enough.  I brought him to the counter and got ready to pay.

However, a tiny part of me felt bad for abandoning the other chicken.  Now he was third wheel to the other chicken pair.  He was probably longing for his buddy whom I was now taking away from him forever.  And yes, inanimate objects do have feelings

I asked the cashier to hold on and I ran over to grab the other chicken.  I felt proud of myself for helping to keep chicken love alive.  I’m trying to decide what to name them.  I’m thinking Fitzgerald and Jude, but I’m open to suggestions.


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