Secret Single Behaviors {Guest Post}

Hey guys! Today’s post is courtesy of my non-biological twin Melissa Lawhorn!  This is the first time I’ve featured a guest blogger and I couldn’t think of a better person to be my first!  Melissa and I love all the same things and today we decided to do a cross-post on each other’s blogs.  If you want to check out my story about my imaginary boyfriend and read more of Melissa’s posts, head on over to Flower Child in the Country.  

Secret Single Behaviors. If you’re not up on your Sex and the City references, watch this video. (Jump to 0:38 to see a description of SSBs)

As described by Urban Dictionary, SSBs are actions or habits that one indulges in only when alone. This refers especially to behavior that is hidden from one’s significant other because it could be embarrassing (or, if you’re really weird, totally disastrous) if discovered.

Most people (yes, people, because this isn’t just a girl thing!) are probably nodding along right now. We all do weird things, even if we aren’t willing to admit it. Today, however, I’m ready to admit that I have some SSBs. (And in the interest of full disclosure for everybody that doesn’t know me personally, I have lived with my boyfriend for a year and some months.)

— I like to watch the same movies hundreds of times. Often, these are movies that the boyfriend is willing to watch once, but not again the next day… and the next day… oh, and the day after that.

— Like I enjoy repeating movies, I do the same with songs. Except a song is only three minutes long, so I can listen to those literally hundreds of times in the same day!

— Sometimes I get snack cravings, but just for a sampling of things. So I’ll eat a few chips, a couple crackers, a cookie, and a piece of bread with olive oil. (Oh, and then normally I end up forgetting to actually put everything away, so it just sits on the counter until someone *cough, boyfriend* cleans it up.)

— Like Charlotte, I’m a pore-obsessed girl. Seriously. I stand in the bathroom and stare at my nose, wondering if anyone else notices my pores because I totally do.

— I try on clothes then throw them in the hamper because I’m too lazy to put them up. This used to be an SSB, but boyfriend normally does the laundry and when he realizes I didn’t wear something, he just leaves it in the hamper. Things frequently go missing because I thought they were going to be washed, but then they live out their life in the hamper.

— A girl thing: I often paint my nails every other day. Sometimes more than once in the same day, because I apply a color and decide I don’t like it.

I showed you mine (figuratively) so now show me yours. Seriously, show some pity and tell me I’m not the only one with weird SSBs.


2 thoughts on “Secret Single Behaviors {Guest Post}

  1. Is it okay for me to chime in with my SSB’s even though I am single? Doesn’t matter!
    1. No pants dance. Like always. The second I walk in the door the pants are off. Especially if I have a food baby.
    2. Like Melissa, I like to watch the same movies over and over. And I totally do the snack sampling thing. I get sick of too much of one food so I want a taste of 10 different ones.
    3. I sing constantly. Thank god I am not living with a boy because he would probably murder me in my sleep.

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