Short girl probs

I’ve always been on the short side of life. Growing up I was in the front (shorty) row of my class pictures every year. Sure, it was cute when I was little, but I never thought my height would prevent me from getting the most out of life.

I used to dream of being a Rockette. A lot of the girls in my dance class were tall with super long legs who could very well go on to become future Rockettes. My dance teacher used to talk about the Rockettes and how we all needed to learn to be in sync and match each others’ movements in our dances. Every Christmas I looked forward to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and dreamed of one day being on that stage, legs kicking high and a huge smile on my face.

That dream was dashed when I stopped growing around 7th grade. I didn’t get any taller and I still wore kids’ size shoes.

So now I’m a short girl living in a tall world. I will never be a Rockette. But that’s not the only profession that discriminates against the vertically-challenged. I will also never be a runway model, a WNBA star, or a military pilot. I don’t even meet the height requirement to audition to be Belle in Disneyworld: yet another dream destroyed.

I will never be able to reach the top shelf at the grocery store. I’m the worst volleyball player ever (well… that’s not just because of my height). Seatbelts are torture devices that choke me. My feet usually don’t reach the ground when I’m sitting and tables come up to my chest at restaurants.

I’ve tried using super high heels to add a couple inches, but my fear of heights often makes this difficult. So for now, I’ll learn to love life at this height.

What are your short/tall probs?


11 thoughts on “Short girl probs

  1. Wow, I felt like I was reading about somebody narrate my life. I myself am quite vertically challenged, and I also dance and have dreamed of working for Disney. (I never even entertained the idea of being a Rockette because I guess I always knew it just wasn’t going to happen..) Still, there are a lot of good things that come out of it!! For instance, the shorter dancers are almost always choreographed to be in the front or the middle (muahahaha) and you can always audition to be Wendy, Alice in Wonderland, or Tinkerbell and the other fairies in Pixie Hollow! 🙂 Embrace the shortness!! 5’2″ and proud:)

  2. Yep! I believe 5’3″ is the cap height for the pixie/child characters. And don’t forget about parade work; Disney is always looking for shorties to be elves in their christmas parade:)

  3. I’m 5’0″ I love being little! Sure, sometimes I wish I were 5’6″ but for the most part, I embrace the mininess of me. My friends made a human shield around me at concerts so I wouldn’t get crushed against the stage (score for front row spot & protection from spot stealers). I can sit comfortably on most guys’ laps (great for flirty moments back in the single days). My husband can carry me when I’m lazy (which is often) or passed out (not so often these days). I don’t have to carry heavy loads because everyone thinks the little one can’t handle it (totally can). I love playing up the “I’m cute and adorable so you can’t hate me” thing. Own it sister!

  4. Ah! I’m 5’2″ as well! I’m ALMOST 5’3″ by like a millimeter of an inch or something. It’s close enough that I can claim 5’3″… but I don’t. Because it’s not much taller than 5’2″ and yeah… when you’re short, you’re short!

    I would love to be taller! I’m not one for being “cute” or “petite” but that’s what being short gets you! And I often discover a perverse pleasure from being taller than others – but other than that – I definitely know the feeling of not being tall enough to sit at a table, or not having your feet touch the ground when you sit. Or sitting in a chair made for a person twice your size. :/

    I don’t normally wear heels to accommodate for my short stature though, since as a general rule I don’t like heels (and any effect they have on my height is too temporary for it to matter!). I haven’t quite figured out how to be comfortable being short, but hopefully I can live in a country with lots of other short people and everything will be A-okay!!! 😀

    • I’m convinced I’m shrinking because I was almost 5’3″ a few years ago, but last time I was at the doctor’s I was right at 5’2″. FML.

  5. Awe. I’m 4″10 or 4″9 something like that and honestly I’ve never really had a problem with being short. When I was younger, they made fun of me, but I never really cared. The only time I hated being short was when I went to my first concert…there were two giant ass kids in front of me and I couldn’t see anything, only their backs. :/ Other than that one time, I’ve loved being short. lol.

    “I love playing up the “I’m cute and adorable so you can’t hate me” thing.” – haha. totally agree! i do that too.

    • Yeah I’m definitely not a fan when I’m at a show or something and can’t see. Although I am able to sneak through the crowds to the front usually.

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