Secret fantasy

I’m a total fangirl. I have been from the moment I laid my little 9-year-old hands on my first Harry Potter book. I went to the midnight releases at my local bookstore and would read each book non-stop from the stroke of midnight. I cried through the entire 7th book, sobbed through the last movie, and devoted an entire paycheck to my visit to Wizarding World. This summer, I visited the Harry Potter exhibit in Times Square and was passed by at least 20 tour groups as I spent the entire time reading every single detail and soaking it all in.

It was not easy for me being a huge HP fan growing up. My friends here in Jersey kind of suck. Some had read the first three books and given up, others only saw the movies. I didn’t have camaraderie and had to go it alone. But this almost made it more special for me: it was all mine and I didn’t have to share with anyone.

Besides being a total fangirl, I am also a daydreamer. I am constantly inventing crazy scenarios in my head, ranging from hopping a plane to Africa to live with the giraffes to various scenarios involving my secret crushes. When I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter, my 6th grade self had to turn to other fantasies. And that’s how my plan hatched.

I wrote a letter to JK Rowling, telling her about my idea for an American school of witchcraft and wizardry. The fourth book had come out that summer, so I knew that other schools besides Hogwarts existed.

My idea involved Hogwarts teaming up with the American school to defeat Voldemort. Of course, Harry would find his love interest, a brunette American girl who would charm her way into his heart. And obviously this character would be played in the movies by myself. I’m short, so I’d be a perfect match for Daniel Radcliffe and a way better romance than stupid Cho or Ginny.

I waited patiently for a response, but it never came. I knew she was likely flooded with fan mail, but I was certain my letter would have stood out from the pack. I decided she had stolen the idea for herself and I would soon see it in an upcoming book. At that point, I would find an agent and make sure I cleared my schedule to be available to audition for this role at a moment’s notice.

With each of the last three books, I continued to hang onto the hopes that my story line would come into play. Even at 18, when the last book came out, part of me was still wishing. My moment never arrived.

I’ve forgiven JK Rowling for killing off some of my favorite characters, but I still haven’t totally forgiven this. I would have been awesome in those movies. But for now, I’ll settle for practicing my wandwork and re-reading these amazing books at least a thousand more times.


5 thoughts on “Secret fantasy

  1. All the schools were European, mainly because we are the smartest! 😉

    I do love the HP series. Such a wonderful story, and I hope you get a role in the Pottermore stuff even if it is too late to be involved in the main novels and films!

  2. *ahem* I feel I should post this anonymously seeing as I only have one RL friend who knows this, but I’m feeling game today. I am also going to just include it in this paragraph so as to not draw attention to my moment of shame. I write (sometimes smutty) HP fanfic under the pseudonym nottonyharrison. It’s practice for my novel. Seriously. Even my husband doesn’t know. One day he will find out and either laugh until he dies from shortness of breath, or divorce me.

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