Just have sex

I was lounging around tonight when Kelsey arrived looking like the lovechild of a leprechaun and Kermit the Frog. We caught up and she proceeded to tell me about her experience at the Syracuse basketball game last Saturday. Shaquille O’Neal was visiting Syracuse are part of the “Stupid Drink” binge drinking campaign their advertising students had used to win the American Advertising Federation’s National Student Advertising Competition two years ago (aka they beat Ithaca aka they suck). The school paid Shaq to speak at the basketball game about binge drinking. Kelsey was complaining about how short his speech was and how it was the totally wrong venue for him to be speaking since it’s so loud and everyone’s already drunk. She then claimed that at the end of the speech, after telling students they shouldn’t drink too much, he told them to “just have sex” instead.

She said the chancellor was super pissed about this and that Shaq had lifted her up like she was his cub and he was Rafiki. I was kind of surprised that this had happened, but then her mom chimed in that, no, Shaq had not told the students to go hump, he had said “Georgetown sucks!”

Kelsey decided this makes a lot more sense since every time someone speaks at SU, they end their speech with this proclamation since ‘Cuse and Georgetown are big rivals. Now of course we are all in hysterics over this and the first thing we did was go to Youtube to see if we could find the speech. We were successful. You may now judge for yourself whether Shaq is promoting an NCAA rivalry or telling kids to fornicate instead of binge drinking:


One thought on “Just have sex

  1. It totally sounds like: Georgetown Sucks. You can hear the “town” part! Plus, it would be super awkward/weird for him to say, “just have sex” at the end of a speech in a basketball arena o.O

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