The greatest study snack of all time

It’s 11pm. I’m frustrated. I’m overwhelmed. I just want to bake Christmas things. I’m craving chocolate.

I decided to take a short break and try out a cake-in-a-mug recipe since I’ve seen tons of them popping up on Pinterest lately.

I found one for a brownie and altered it a little to fit the ingredients I had. And let me tell you, it’s DELICIOUS.

I used to love those Warm Delights microwaveable desserts when I was living in a dorm, but this is so much better. No preservatives and it gives me a nice little baking break.


1/4 c. flour
1/4 c. packed brown sugar
2 T. unsweetened cocoa powder
Pinch salt
2 T. canola or other mild vegetable oil
3 T. milk, coffee or water (I used nonfat milk)


In a heatproof mug, stir together the dry ingredients until no lumps remain (a fork works well when de-lumping brown sugar)

Stir in the oil and milk until you have a thick paste

Microwave on high for a minute, checking it after 30 seconds (microwaves vary) – it will be done when it’s springy on top but still a bit gooey – like the very best brownie. Eat warm.

Don’t worry if it’s a little bit lumpy. It’s still good, I promise!

This was delicious and I love this recipe since you can easily make it vegan by using coffee or water instead of milk. It would be great topped with ice cream (which I don’t have), but I’m loving it topped with a spoonful of crunchy almond butter and a big glass of milk!


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