I’m so good at blogging

It’s a good thing I didn’t go ahead and purchase a domain name after NaBloPoMo considering it would have sat unused for six weeks. But I’m back! And that’s all that matters.

In the interest of easing back into writing, I’ll be keeping things light today with a list:

Signs you are 22 going on 80

1. You hate driving at night or in the rain because the glare bothers your eyes.

2. You wear a sweater… to bed.

3. You wear a nightgown… to bed. And to get the mail.

4. You love foods like cottage cheese, oatmeal, and pudding because there is minimal chewing involved.

5. You have a huge crush on Bing Crosby.

6. All of your other crushes are over the age of 30.

7. You want to pinch the cheeks of every baby you see.

8. You use curlers.

9. You apply night cream on your face every night.

10. Your reading list mainly consists of books published before 1920.


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