Dream a little dream of me

I know I’ve talked about dreams (or rather nightmares) here before, but I just have to revisit the subject. The last couple weeks, I have been having the weirdest dreams. Normally, I remember at least 1-2 dreams a night and they are always weird. So for these recent ones to be blog-worthy, you know they have to raised the bar on anti-normalness.

The subjects have ranged from being peed on by the world’s largest alligator to attempting to dig a hole to the center of the Earth. They tend to be on the scary side, as evidenced by last night’s where I imagined I was Belle and the Beast was holding all of the Disney princesses captive in a scary castle and I tried to kill him with a machete, but did not succeed.

Some of them have been awesome, like the time I dreamt I was playing the lead in a Hannah Montana musical.

I’ve found this dream website where you can search different terms and find out what they mean. So far, I’ve been told I’m dying, I need to find a man, and I have no money.

I love hearing about people’s dreams. I love interpreting them even more. So lay it on me, lovely readers! If you post one of your own crazy dreams in the comments, I will interpret it, free of charge! Although, feel free to send me a pony. Or a man. Or a man-pony. Centaurs FTW!


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