Vamping with velociraptors

When you look up synomyms on (which I often do mainly because my brain is too ADHD to be able to think of the word I’m trying to think of), they usually provide example sentences for the use of the word if it can be a verb/noun/adjective/etc. So when I was typing the title for this post, I looked up flirt, and this was one of the example sentences:

He is a master of moving the dialogue along, an epicene flirt with a mustache who wears cashmere jackets and pastel socks.

I would like to find this man and marry him at once.

In other romantic news, I know it’s completely embarrassing and still not totally embraced by society, but I have an online dating account which I use occasionally as an ego boost and also in hopes of talking to interesting people who don’t wear wife beaters. You get a lot of creepy, hilarious, and scary messages, especially when dealing with a free service. I take these in stride, but I hit a new low with a recent message.

It was from a dinosaur.

I don’t mean an old guy. I mean an actual dinosaur. Not just the picture, the entire profile is that of a dinosaur.

So, there you have it. We’re even a 94% match. My dating prospects have now been whittled down to velociraptors.

Oh, and to explain the  context of the message, I have a dinosaur nightlight because I’m afraid of monsters.


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