Ambitions of a cookie + ULTIMATE CONTEST CHALLENGE

Have you ever considered how inanimate objects might feel about various political issues?




Then you probably won’t get this post.


A recent twitter conversation with one of my followers sparked me to question the hopes and dreams of one of my favorite baked goods. And hence, this list was born.

Ambitions of a Cookie

  1. Help a Girl Scout earn her badge.
  2. Be dunked in a glass of ice cold milk.
  3. Get baked.
  4. Join the circus.
  5. Become an ice cream sandwich.
  6. Never crumble under pressure.
  7. Incriminate wrongdoers on the basis of their questionable web-browsing activity.
  8. Make lots of dough.
  9. Provide an ample sugar rush.
  10. Go nuts.
  11. Gain fame as a beloved puppet’s sidekick.
  12. Reveal someone’s future.
  13. Build a house.
  14. Discover my feminine side.
  15. Become a well-known comedian and artist.
  16. Comfort a girl after a crappy break-up.
  17. Support interracial marriage.

Numbers 4, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 refer to specific types of cookies. Whoever successfully names the most will receive a delivery of delicious cookie noms courtesy of me.


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