Two on Tuesday with Kate as of Late!

Happy first unofficial day of fall, everyone!

Question 1: What kind of driver are you?

I consider myself to be a pretty safe driver. I never text or look at my phone when driving and I always urge my friends to do the same. I’ve even held people’s phones hostage while they’re driving me and won’t answer texts if I know the sender is driving. I think this is an incredibly serious issue, especially among people my age who tend to think they’re invincible.That being said, I am a product of my Jersey upbringing and have no qualms when it comes to criticizing other drivers’ lack of common sense. I don’t hesitate in laying on my horn when someone cuts me off or does something equally stupid. I like my car, but I really wouldn’t mind not having to drive which is one of the reasons why city life is so appealing.

Question 2: What is your dream car, any specific amenities inside or out that are must haves?

I don’t actually have a dream car. When I was high school, I used to want a yellow Nissan Extera. But now, as long as it drives, has airbags, and doesn’t guzzle gas, I don’t really care. I don’t understand people who spend tons of money on a car just because of its name. I’d much rather use that money to travel.I think my only must-have if I were to get a different car would be a tape deck or iPod plug. Cami only has a cd player, so I use an FM transmitter to play my music. It doesn’t work too well sometimes and I’d like to have a better option for long road trips.


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