Potential Hobbies for Unemployed Disney Villians

+ Manufacturing stickier DVD labels
+ Sneaking meat into vegetarian dishes
+ Making campaign calls for tea partiers
+ Mislabeling clothing to be too small
+ Creating ridiculous wifi passwords
+ Stealing credit card numbers to make tiny indisputable purchases
+ Running an army of Twitter bots
+ Igniting border disputes
+ Egging on the neighborhood dogs’ 3am barking
+ Causing traffic jams
+ Tearing the legs off starfish
+ Aiding in the disappearance of single socks
+ Stealing all the chopsticks from sushi restaurants
+ Putting out one Christmas light on a 500 bulb strand
+ Producing sequels to awful movies
+ Stepping on sidewalk cracks
+ Picking scabs
+ Using up all the hot water
+ Selling email addresses to spammers
+ Never picking up dog poop
+ Turning every penny heads-down
+ Tricking people into forgetting to cancel their free trials
+ Making wine with an ABV under 5%
+ Creating a paper cut epidemic
+ Hiding keys
+ Writing theater reviews
+ Selling expired dairy products
+ Freezing mobile applications
+ Encouraging unsubstantiated bitching
+ Poking holes in Capri Sun straws
+ Activating the check engine light
+ Never replacing the toilet paper
+ Writing Nickelback songs
+ Underestimating the dietary needs of goldfish


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