Friday Faves

A handy little round-up of the things that made my week fabulous.

Your dog’s reaction when you get home.


Pure, unadulterated joy. Or the occasional depraved indifference.

Kohl’s cash.


Nothing makes me feel like an UES socialite like that little green coupon.

I have $40 to spend, which pretty much means I can buy 84 things.

Ben & Jerry’s Nutella ice cream


This is brand new information. Ben & Jerry’s brought their Core line of ice creams stateside with Hazed & Confused leading the pack. This is pretty much Nutella ice cream. Need I say more?

Weather above 30 degrees.


No jacket needed. The polar vortex has conditioned me to throw on flip flops when it hits 40.


Like hazelnut ice cream for your ears except less cold and sticky.

Friends you can bitch with.


Much needed. There is a deep level of bonding that can only occur when you hate the same people.


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