7 Branding Tips from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show


It’s the most wonderful night of the year. The Victoria’s Secret Angels are taking to the runway for their annual show, but there’s a lot more to this highly-anticipated spectacle than barely-there bustiers and impossibly gorgeous models. Victoria’s Secret is a branding machine and one of the few apparel brands to see steady brick and mortar success. Take note of how Victoria’s Secret steals the show with some must-follow branding tips:

  1. Flaunt your assets. No one is tuning in tonight because of quality stitching. VS is all about beautiful lingerie that makes women feel sexy and confident. Showcase your brand doing what it does best and the world will take notice.url-10
  2. Use your best people. Becoming an angel is no easy task and it’s a high honor for those who make the cut. By only giving out wings to the cream of the crop, VS is able to control their messaging. Be picky about who you choose to be the face of your brand and make sure they’re capable of capturing your audience in a measurable way.url-6
  3. Go behind the scenes. There’s a reason why Candice Swanepoel has 7 million Instagram followers. People love seeing how the sausage gets made. This year, VS gave fans a 7-part video sneak peak leading up to the show while models posted photos of fittings, make-up, and prep. Giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look helps you tell your story in a real and relatable way. Picture 73
  4. Build up the hype. The actual VS show was filmed weeks ago. Media teasers, interviews with the models and creative team, and digital content all whet America’s appetite before the main event. Tease new product launches, exclusive sales, and big news to build excitement around your brand. 
  5. Tie into trends. Kendall Jenner makes her debut tonight amidst one of the most Kardashian-krazy years yet. Pay attention to what people are talking about and how your brand can authentically ride the media wave. url-7
  6. Dare to be different. VS does a great job drawing clear lines between its collections during the show. PINK gets its own playful segment while the VS angels are more glam. Focus on your differentiators when you strut into the spotlight. url-8
  7. Push-up the limits. VS doesn’t put countless hours of work into their much-hyped fantasy bra because they think it’s going to be a big seller. On the contrary, the fantasy bra is more like a piece of art that gives the audience a look at ultimate luxury. Consider dedicating time and resources to a crazy project that will get people talking. url-9




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