21 goals

i’ve had a great 21 years.  here’s to 21 more.  i decided to write out a list of what i want to accomplish by the time i turn (yikes!) 42.  some sooner rather than later.

1.  adopt a cat
2.  become a vegan
3.  master italian
4.  run a half marathon and eventually a full marathon
5.  pay off my loans
6.  take a cooking class
7.  participate in the avon walk
8.  play piano
9.  go to times square for new years’ eve
10.  learn to make jewelry
11.  travel to at least half the places on my wish list
12.  sing at a karaoke bar
13.  become a foster or adoptive parent
14.  make a scrapbook
15.  shave my head to raise money for cancer research
16.  win a recipe contest
17.  dip my toes in the pacific ocean
18.  learn to knit from my grandma
19.  own a kayak
20.  live in manhattan
21.  blog


birthday freebies

so it’s t minus 6 days until my birthday. the big 2-1. the chance to legally do things i’ve been doing for about 4 years. in celebration of this momentous occasion, i am on the hunt for every birthday coupon and give-away i can get my hands on. of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that i have about $12 in my bank account (not exaggerating, bank of america just e-mailed me this lovely information). below is a list of some of the best offers i’ve found.

Ruby Tuesday – free burger on your birthday when you sign up for their SoConnected e-newsletter
Coldstone Creamery – free creation on your birthday ( or 2 weeks before and after) when you sign up for their birthday club
Sephora – free gift on your birthday when you sign up for their VIP club
Benihana – giftcard for $30 for your birth month