I’m the girl who holds squirrel funerals.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you already know that 1. I am the weirdest person ever, and 2. I really love animals. Except for the pug, with whom I have a love/hate relationship.

I get so upset whenever I see an animal that has been hit by a car. I adore almost every animal God put on this Earth (except for spiders, scary bugs, and snakes, but no one likes those anyway).

Today, I was walking my dog when I saw a tiny, gray ball of fur curled up in our yard. I thought it was strange that an animal would be laying out in the open like that, especially considering how many hawks we have around here. I brought Kirby inside and went to go investigate.

I crept up and saw it was a tiny baby squirrel. It looked like he was just sleeping, curled up among the blades of grass. I didn’t want to leave him alone since he was so small and could easily be attacked or eaten by another animal. I took a leaf and gently brushed his back. He didn’t move. That’s when I noticed his bottom arm looked like it was bent in a funny position. I slowly rolled him over and saw that it was obviously broken and it had probably been from a fall.

This tiny, little helpless creature was dead. And I was heartbroken.

You could tell he had a family that took care of him: his fur was smooth and clean and he looked well-fed. I didn’t want to just leave him there, knowing the weather or other animals would destroy his body. So I organized a squirrel funeral.

I guessed he had fallen from a branch right above where he lay, so I dug a small hole next to the base of that tree. I laid him inside, covered him, and then placed rocks and pinecones at the head. I ran around my yard gathering flowers to cover his little grave.

I wanted his family to be able to visit him from their tree and thought he deserved a nice, little memorial. I cried a little bit and then went inside and left him to rest in peace.

I am officially a crazy person.


I want to save them all

I feel like the craziest things always happen to me.  Tonight, my mom was driving our fam & friends home from dinner and she decided to take the back way past our old house in Mount Arlington.  We were driving down the street, when I saw a tiny little dog suddenly run out from the sidewalk.  She was headed straight for our car and I screamed for my mom to stop.  There was no one around, so I quickly jumped out of the car and coaxed her towards me.  I scooped her up and she must have been no more than 4 pounds.  She looked like a Daschund and had a cute little pink collar, but no tags.

I went door to door trying to find her owner, but no one knew where she belonged.  How could this sweet little puppy be missing without anyone looking for her?  Finally, someone recognized the dog and pointed out that she belonged a few houses down.  This neighbor scoffed that the dog was constantly getting out and she had had to return her a couple of times herself.

This broke my heart.  How can you be so careless as to let a helpless animal run around where she will probably end up getting hit by a car or lost?!?

I brought the dog back to her owner, but it was so hard handing her over.  The guy hadn’t even noticed and even scolded the dog, calling her a bad girl.  How can you yell at this little puppy when she doesn’t know any better?!?

This has really made me want to get back to working at an animal shelter.  I interned at the SPCA in Ithaca when I was there and helped with all their events and marketing.  I used to spend my breaks playing with the animals on the adoption floor and visiting the ones that were too sick to leave yet.  It was heartbreaking, but it felt good to help those that don’t have voices.

I’d really like to work as a marketing director or executive director for a large animal shelter one day.  I want to get more industry experience in agencies and client-side companies first so I can bring more expertise to helping animals.

I have a lot on my plate, but this is too important.  I’m making a pact to get in touch with my local shelter this week.  I just have to find a way to keep myself from bringing them all home.