So I saw the lovely Melissa post this last week and I loved the idea! I’m stealing it from her after she stole it from Lauren. Go check out both of their awesome blogs!

{reading} Heiresses by Susan May Warren. It was a free Kindle ebook a couple weeks ago and I like it so far: it’s set at the beginning of the 20th century and follows two rich sisters from their Fifth Avenue mansion to Newport, RI. I love this time in history and am totally intrigued by the lifestyles of Newport’s high class.
{writing} This blog post. And some more to spread out over the week. I’m starting classes this week and a job next and need to get ahead!
{listening} My mom is watching Bachelor Pad (ugh), so that’s in my head, but I have one earbud in and am listening to Passion Pit’s new album Gossamer. So good.
{thinking} About everything I need to do before class starts Wednesday.
{smelling} The chocolate peanut butter cup I just ate.
{wishing} That summer wouldn’t have flown by so fast. I wish I had accomplished more.
{hoping} For a great semester!
{wearing} Jean shorts, black tank, a bunch of rings.
{loving} My mom for loaning me money to fix my car.
{wanting} To not be overwhelmed by all the work I already have due this week.
{needing} Fellowship.
{feeling} Optimistic and happy about where I am and where I’m going.
{clicking} New blogs, twitter, pinterest, and exploring all the free Kindle books so I don’t spend money!

It’s Okay Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays

It’s Okay…

+ That I suck at blogging. I need to preschedule posts instead of thinking I’ll find time in my crazy life to do them.

+ That I’ve read 4,538 pages in the past week and a half and not one of them has been from Anna K.

+ That my library books are overdue.

+ That I pretended to be 20 years old this weekend.

+ That I haven’t bought any of my school books yet. Or paid my fall tuition. Oops.

+ That I ate way too many sweet potato fries this weekend.

+ That I have lots of crushes on people I’ll never actually date.