The smallest things that can ruin your day

I am so tired of listicles. First of all, listicle is hands-down the worst word ever created. I would rather read Kimye wedding blogs for all eternity than see the word listicle ever again. So in the spirit of smalls things that drive us crazy, I present:

The smallest things that can ruin your day

(This is not a listicle)

((Ok it kind of is but I won’t tell if you don’t))

1. Perpetual hangnails.

2. That John Legend song.

3. Not having enough space on your phone to take one measly picture, but then when you delete one picture in an eye-for-an-eye fashion, there is still not enough room. 107 deleted pictures and a trashed app later, you’re finally golden.

4. People who turn left.

5. The stress of assembling exact change.

6. Salad dressing spills.

7. The extreme, burning heat generated by your laptop when atop your lap.

8. Non-Halloween incarnations of candy corn.

9. Vindictive parking tickets.

10. Expired links.

11. Nail polish chips.

12. Alternate spellings.

13. Running out of hot water mid-shampoo.

14. That point between spring and summer when it’s too early for air conditioning.

15. Sneaky dryer sheets.

16. Missed calls from an unknown number with no voicemail.

17. Unexpected turbulence.