The powers of ten

Today in math class we had a riveting discussion of the powers of 10.  Now, I like 10.  Not as much as 11 or 27, but it’s up there.  10 is actually a pretty big deal, so I’ve decided to explore the REAL powers of 10:

–  10 year anniversary.  If you get to this you get some tin!

– Highest score possible on Dancing with the Stars.

– The power to launch a space shuttle.

– Ten points for Gryffindor!

– 5th graders are 10. And they are awesome.

– The number of times I hit myself in the face during this class.


How many unicorns does it take to make a fairytale?

I’m a tranny.  No, not a transexual.  A transcollegiate, which is a fancy way of saying transfer student.  But tranny is way more fun. Please don’t throw things at me.

After taking a year off from school to work, I’m starting this semester at a new much smaller school close to home, but far from where I want to be.  I loved Ithaca, but finances and some other troubles got in the way of finishing my degree there.  It sucks being stuck with a year and a half left of school when I should be rocking it out at some amazing agency in the city, but I’m doing what I gotta do.  The two things I’m struggling with are 1. Living at home after being somewhat on my own living in amazing cities since I was 17 and 2. the complete ridiculousness of my classes.  While my AP scores took care of pretty much all my core requirements at Ithaca, Centenary requires an additional math, science, and English course for my major.  This means I’m taking a mix of 4000 level marketing classes and freshmen remedial filler classes.  I’m thrilled to be re-reading Beowulf for the first time since 10th grade, but not so thrilled with how elementary my classes are.  I’m a competitive girl and I like a challenge in everything I do.

As always, I like to find the humor in every situation.  And it’s no different now.  My most pathetic class, by far, is Quantitative Literacy, my math class.  They even disguise the name to trick everyone who hates math into taking it.

On the first day, we spent 97 minutes reviewing fractions.

Now I’m doing anything I can to avoid taking Calculus, so obviously I’m gonna suck it up and get an easy A in this class.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun.

Today we went over our first “lab”.  This “lab” consists of 7 “word problems” such as “Look up the cheapest airfare from Newark, NJ to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Does this cost more or less than the cheapest airfare from Philadelphia, PA to Honolulu, Hawaii?”

One of the questions involves looking up and finding the differences between temperature between here and Miami.  My professor actually had to clarify that he was looking for the difference in degrees, not in cloudy versus sunny.  He reminded us that to do math, you need numbers.

Which got me thinking (never a good thing)…

Numbers are really holding us back.

We are missing out on all sorts of amazing, unexplored abstract math problems.

For instance, does bubblegum – gumballs = bubbleballs? (pretty sure this is the opposite of blue balls.)

What do you get when you divide a chia pet in half?

How many unicorns does it take to make a fairytale?

These are life’s true questions.  And until we stop relying on numbers, we may never know the answers.