Sleeping beauty.

I came into this 3 day weekend with plans of grandeur. A clean car! Garden! Work out! Cook 100 meals from scratch to freeze!

Via Hyperbole and a Half
Via Hyperbole and a Half

My lofty expectations have fallen flat. Sleeping in! Multiple naps! Disney channel! Another nap!


The past two days have seen me not move more than a 5 foot radius from my mom’s couch. That’s right, I’m not even being lazy on my own as an adult, I’m doing it from my childhood home.


I get that exhaustion is a side effect of all my crazy health stuff, but this is getting ridiculous. Friday night, I had plans with my best friend. I got to my mom’s later than expected and asked if we could push back our meeting time so I could unwind. Unwinding turned into an episode of Girl Meets World which turned into a nap. I considered asking for a rain check. But I made myself get up, wash my face, and be a real person. 10 minutes later, my fellow sleep-deprived friend calls feeling sick and I get the free pass I wanted to spend the rest of the evening laying on the floor under the guise of “stretching”.


I know I’m still getting back into the swing of things and learning to balance everything – but at some point my will to get out and DO needs to overcome my constant yearning for a nap.


So lovely friends, I need your help. What are your tips for fighting fatigue? I’m up for anything!