Where oh where is my motivation? I started off this week so gung-ho with plans to kick some butt. Lo and behold, it’s only Tuesday and I’m already crashing. Early morning walk with Truly? Didn’t happen. Even with the amazing inspiration I attached to my alarm:


Standing half the day at work? Fail. I powered through on my makeshift standing desk (aka a cardboard box) for 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon, but didn’t hit my four hour minimum target.

I figured I could redeem myself with yoga tonight. I have one class left in my pack and can hopefully purchase a new pack after my next paycheck. Instead, I let myself hide behind my workload and other excuses.

So here I am, continuing my Netflix marathon of The Office while half-heartedly trying to get some things done, regretting my inactivity today. The effects are physical too: I feel a lot of tension in my jaw, neck, and shoulders as well as general restlessness. If I had just gotten myself to yoga, I would be feeling relaxed and accomplished and ready to sleep.

The good news is I have been staying pretty on track with my other two September goals. My savings plan is off to a good start – the only somewhat extraneous purchases in the past week have been a new hairbrush and a single sunflower. I need to revamp my Mint budget and find more places to cut back so I can open another savings account specifically for travel.

My food goal is also progressing. Prepping meals on Sunday really helped – I have baked sweet potatoes and roasted veggies to last me for lunch through tomorrow. Instead of being crazy strict with what I’m eating for dinner every day, I wrote down 10 choices I can choose from for which I have ingredients on hand. I need to get over my fear of eating and reacting poorly to certain foods. Eating lunch every day this week will be a huge step in the right direction. I know the lack of nutrients and stress are big contributors to my exhaustion and fueling myself with whole foods will hopefully help both issues.

Here’s to practicing progress, not perfection.




Excellence is a habit. Habits take 21 days to make. So in my mind, if I can be perfect for 21 days, I’ll have it in the bag.

Life totally does not work that way. It’s high time for me to find that place between complacency and crazy.

I don’t want to settle for being plain old good. I don’t want to pressure myself to always be the best. But I do want to strive to be better.

There are so many things I want to accomplish. I need to stop spreading myself so thin and focus on a couple important goals at a time. Three things, to be exact.

  1. Eat real food.
  2. Save money.
  3. Sweat.

Simple, right? Hopefully. September is about going back to basics for me. I don’t need a fancy diet or a fancy gym subscription or fancy pants (although, I would really love a pair of fancy pants TBH).

Eat real food.

Eat the things my nutritionist tells me to eat. Don’t skip meals. Buy whole, yummy foods and have fun exploring new tastes and recipes.



Save money.

No unnecessary purchases. Yes, that means no new nail polish (excuse me while I cry myself to sleep). So when Zoya posts crazy BOGO deals, I must resist.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.52.22 PM


Get out there and move. Stop moping on the couch when I feel sick and go for a walk. Go to yoga. Run. Stretch every morning and every night.

Enlightenment in nature


I have the tools to be better. I’ve made the choice to be better. All that’s left is to do.